The Jazz In M.E.E. partners with COEUS Magazine

The Jazz in M.E.E. is delighted to announce a new partnership between The Jazz in M.E.E. and COEUS Magazine. This partnership allows The Jazz in M.E.E. to showcase articles on artists, jazz history, festivals, radio partners, events, reviews and many more jazz influenced topics. Thus helping us to cultivate our mission to keep the Jazz genre and its artists present. While providing support to COEUS magazine as they continue to meet the needs of their audience of trendsetters, sculpt new audiences and develop a new fan base of jazz followers.

COEUS (we pronounce it “co –us”) Magazine started from a vision to create a lifestyle and entertainment magazine for Houstonians.  This concept quickly evolved into a movement shedding a spotlight on the growing music, film and fashion industry culture of Houston.

COEUS Magazine brought attention to a well deserving but behind the scenes talent of fashion producers, fashions shows, photos shoots, independent films, artists, and musicians that were not receiving the same type of media exposure to that of its mainstream counterparts.

COEUS’ mission is to inspire their readers through editorial articles on the arts as well as current events, social and political activities, and charities to become involved and participate in their community.  With an expectation to create more socially aware citizens one issue at a time.

THE JAZZ IN M.E.E would love to invite you to join us on our journey of exploration into the art of JAZZ MUSIC! Please follow”THE Melody in MEE” musical blog in Coeus to share in our musical expressions.”  http://thejazzinmee.com/the-melody-in-mee/

Music is an art of sound in time; expressing ideas and emotions in forms through the elements of rhythm, harmony, color and “MELODY”!  See you soon on the pages of COEUS Magazine!

To learn more about COEUS Magazine visit their website: http://www.coeusmagazine.com/live/

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