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The name MELODY should say it all! Named by her musician father she embodied the love of music early on. Music was a constant part of her family and upbringing and she never veered far from her musical inheritance not even during a successful career in Human Resources. After being asked to chair a hospital’s Corporate Events Committee during her career she discovered her passion for event planning and a merger of the two were formed. That experience set the stage for years of amazing and incredibly diversified events and Multifaceted Exquisite Events Inc. was born.

Melody worked tirelessly for her clients on musical concerts, CD release events, judicial fundraisers, fashion launches, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and other wedding parties, and a host of other life-changing events. Along the way, she acquired a keen understanding of the things that make an event truly special: attention to detail—coupled with unique creativity and sensitivity to the client’s vision—and an insider’s knowledge of available venues and resources. At MEE, Melody devotes this invaluable experience and all of her unique talents to MEE events, recognizing just how important they are to her treasured clients. Melody wanted to include more of her musical roots into MEE and after being exposed to the intricacies and beauty of Smooth Jazz she decided that this genre of music was the true underdog and wanted to create a platform for it. So she founded” The JAZZ in MEE” to showcase, support, advocate, market, and promote the love of JAZZ, the artists, musicians, enthusiasts and supporters of this magnificent genre of music and the events that are a spring board for its SUCCESS. This affiliate of “MEE”s mission would be to keep Jazz and its artist’s in the forefront and present. Melody is very excited about the future of The JAZZ in MEE and she is looking forward to making a positive impact and a successful experience for many by launching it.

Music is an art of sound in time; expressing ideas and emotions in forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and color -picturesque. Melody would love to invite you to join her and The JAZZ in MEE organization in capturing their musical discoveries of the Jazz genre across the USA. So please follow the Melody in MEE musical blog to share in our musical expressions.

THE JAZZ IN M.E.E. is accepting CD submissions for our music showcase...[more]
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