M.E.E. & Sax and the City!

THE JAZZ IN M.E.E. headed to Austin, Tx to cover and experience Sax and the City featuring  Marion Meadows, Jessy J, Paul Taylor  w/ Joe McBride, Will Brock and Pamela Hart hosted by Women in Jazz at the Riverbend Center for the Arts  http://womeninjazz.org/. This show was phenomenal and M.E.E. witnessed one of the best bands ever supporting Marion, Jessy and Paul.! They were all shining STARS!  Jabari Kersey rocked the house of drums, Chip Sherin killed on bass, Joe McBride got down & dirty on keys, and Will Brock caused an up roar from the crowd with his triumphant solo on keys and engaging vocal performance “Come Together”. Pamela Hart’s performance was lyrically beautiful and melodically gracious.

M.E.E. spent some quality with Jessy J and she was delightful in personality and deadly on sax!. As you know, Texans love our southern hospitality and she fit right in with M.E.E. I loved talking with her, and to my surprise her mother hailed from Texas and her dad from Mexico and she joked about being Tex-Mex. She had a pleasant demeanor, was funny and stunning in person. She has an extreme passion for music and slings that sax like no other, all while being stylish and beautiful. Make sure you pick up her new CD Second Chances that was released on Sept 10th.  We have a shopping date planned in Jan on Melrose. We have much more to share with you from our interview with Jessy… Stay tune.http://jessyj.com/

Our friend Marion Meadows was beyond amazing, he took charge of the show and proved that Sax and the City was a stellar top notch jazz show in the industry. We had not seen him since he graced the pages of our April magazine issue, so he did the honors of signing & posing . He is a class act, a true supporter of M.E.E. and a great sax player…He rocked the house musically and verbally with his great hosting  talents.http://www.marionmeadows.com/

Our Paul Taylor experience was INCREDIBLE! He was BLAZIN HOT on stage. we had never seen him perform live before and M.E.E. was in LOVE.  His personality was warm and inviting. If you don’t have his Prime Time CD, run out and get it. He played us a few tunes and we were hooked! His sound was addictive and we loved the vibe of his music. We had a Twitter experience over a year ago and he actually remembered it and that meant alot to M.E.E.https://www.facebook.com/paultaylorsax1

We also had a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee amongst us. Many of you have heard of Chip Shearin. If you haven’t, you’ve lived and felt his presence with his bass playing almost as a part of your every day lives. Be it Television theme songs, Movie scores, Jingles or countless tours with a who’s who in Music. If not those, surely from the iconic bass line for Sugar Hill Gangs, Rappers Delight! The bass line that American Band Stand’s, Dick Clark says …”you may not know the rap but they’re singing the bass line all over the world!”.. Rolling Stone Magazine’s #2 best rap song ever! And the first to chart on billboard and triggering a billion dollar industry. All resting neatly on this iconic bass line!

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Thank you for covering the Sax And The City show on 9/7. Nice article about the performers.
Your onsite artist presentations and photos were excellent.

Kevin Hart
Women in Jazz Concert Series

September 20, 2013 at 4:17 pm Kevin Hart reply
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