THE JAZZ IN M.E.E. Welcomes our new client Jacqui Sutton to the M.E.E. Family....

Jacqui Sutton, is the Jazz/Bluegrass Songstress who currently has the airwaves buzzing with her new album, “Notes from the Frontier.” Her album is now #1 on the Top Jazz Adds CMJ issue #1269, #15 on the CMJ Jazz Chart issue #1274 and #35 on the CMJ Jazz Chart issue #1278.

She has a unique sound, that can best be described as a perfect blend of Billie Holiday and Dolly Parton. An unlikely pair, that just so happen to be her two vocal heroes.

Turning 50 and starting a garage band is not the usual vocalist’s narrative. But that’s what happened to Jacqui, proving that you can create a dream career at any age.

Jacqui resides in Houston ,where Texas music lovers love the Jazz/Bluegrass sound and we would like to share her, the unique sound and her great insight on her extraordinary journey with you.

Jacqui’s official website is www.JacquiSutton.com and she’s on Twitter @JazzGrassChic.

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