Eric Darius = a full circle approach of success in the jazz industry with out skipping a beat!

Talk about feeling special…. I reached out to the Eric Darius camp to set up the interview and of course I was expecting his management team to call, but one evening about 6pm I received a call from an unrecognized number, which I answered.  “May I speak to Melody Warren” This is she…. This is Eric Darius…. you could hear crickets for a minute, but I quickly answered…”Heyyyyy”!!!!! And the rest is history! A jazz bond was formed with “MEE”.

With my gear in hand and sporting my fan club T-shirt I was out of the door! No, it was not Santa Clause coming to town it was Eric Darius, but I was just as excited to meet the electrifying saxophonist that pulls at your heart strings with the emotional vibe in his slow ballads and jolts you with his powerful melodic vibration with his fast grooves.  He agreed to meet with THE JAZZ IN M.E.E. after rehearsal for his show that was scheduled for 8pm on June 16, 2012 at the Red Cat Jazz Cafe. He rarely comes to the south but when he does he sells out the show. His last visit to Houston was October 2011, where he teased us with only a few songs.  I was more than ready to experience his dynamic and exhilarating live show. I have always been a fan of Eric Darius; he showcases a full circle approach of success in the jazz industry with out skipping a beat. His image, marketing, performance, fan interaction, showmanship is vividly outstanding. He’s like a magnet and draws support and fans globally. This much in demand sax-mans’ worldwide performances include Japan, Indonesia, London, France, Italy, among numerous other countries.

To sign up for his FAN CLUB visit:  http://www.ericdarius.com/.

Playfulness and laughter was heard from rehearsal as I entered the Red Cat Jazz Cafe. I thought it was quite gracious of him to meet with “MEE” even though he had only 3 hours of sleep the night before. He joked with the band showing his lighthearted side, but there was no doubt about him being completely serious about his musical expectations for his show. He rehearses just like he was playing a concert, with the same energy level and power – he is dynamic. I was in awe!!!

I was a bit nervous for the band as I sat there, even though they were the utmost professionals and thoroughly prepared you could feel the unspoken pressure and supreme level of the bar being raised.  As I set up for the interview I could not get Eric’s sax sound out of my head. Eric definitely talks through that sax!………….and you know what? I understood every word. Tonight’s show was going to be memorable!

Ok rehearsal is finished now and he is walking over. Wow he is in shape!.. Stay tuned for what he had to share with “MEE” and the recap on his Houston show at the Red Cat Jazz Cafe in his upcoming Jazzy Limelight Feature!


Keep track of Eric! http://www.ericdarius.com/

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Great written article and insight on a great artist!

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